Doctor Who by Kev F Sutherland -

Doctor Who starring Christopher Eccleston, written and drawn by Kev F Sutherland

Above: Christopher Eccleston & Billie Piper, drawn by Kev F. Click to access an unpublished three page Sylvester McCoy Doctor Who strip.

The Gasmask t shirt, designed in 2005 by Kev F Sutherland. Sold as a limited edition until the BBC had it removed from eBay as alleged infringement on copyright. Since then at least two people have produced their own versions of it, but none has matched the original.

Copies of this shirt can be seen being worn by members of the Dr Who production team in Cardiff, and by Stephen Moffat, the author of the "gasmask" episode (The Empty Child) who bought three shirts, saying "I didn't invent gasmasks, or motherhood, I just like the shirt."

The Sunseekers - TV script. Uncommissioned Doctor Who TV episode 2006 Kev F