Kev F's Comic Art Masterclasses
Hi, Kev F Sutherland here, the writer and artist for The Beano, Marvel and many other comics. You may have heard of my far-famed Comic Art Masterclass? I hope so, because I'd like to bring it to to a school, college or art centre near you.

I teach pupils all there is to know about making comic strips and manga. I can work with two groups in a school day, up to 30 in each group, any age from 7 (year 3/ Primary 4 Scotland) upwards. By the end of each session the group has produced a comic containing a strip by every single one of them, a copy of which they take home, plus I've drawn a caricature of every one of them (I can even draw all the staff if there's time). You can see examples of my workshops, and videos of me in action below.

Ring or email for details. 01275 872111 / 07931 810858

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Comic writer and artist Kev F Sutherland's work has appeared everywhere from The Beano to 2000AD, from Star Trek to Viz, from Doctor Who Adventures to Match (and most points inbetween). See KEV'S COMIC STRIPS and caricatures

Since 2003 Kev has been offering COMIC ART MASTERCLASSES to school and colleges, which are proving ridiculously popular.

Kev F is a respected comics expert, appearing regularly on TV and radio (recently on Sky Arts' Portrait Artist Of The Year and BBC 4's Battle Of The Books), and in his own ITV1 comedy show The Sitcom Trials.

Kev F's Comic Art Masterclasses have been run successfully with pupils and students from Primary (yr 3 / 8 yr old recommended youngest) to Sixth Form and to Art Foundation Year students.

The classes aim to educate and enthuse pupils in comic and cartoon art, teaching them all techniques and tricks of the trade, presented at a level suitable for each age of pupil. By the end of every session we aim to have created a brand new School Comic and to have drawn an individual caricature of every pupil.

Contact Kev Sutherland on 01275 872111

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Thankyou from Hermitage School, Wapping Kev F press coverage
Typical press coverage
Kev's classroom style is entertaining as well as educational, drawing on his skills as a stand up comedian. One day of comic art masterclasses (ideally 2 sessions per day, classes no bigger than 30) can be arranged for little more than the price of a supply teacher. The only materials required are a flipchart and marker pens, access to a photocopier, and drawing paper and materials for the pupils. See below for Recommendations.

Contact Kev Sutherland on 01275 872111 / 07931 810858
Kev F Sutherland, PO Box 48, Clevedon, Bristol BS21 7LQ


"The day you spent here was the talk of the school for several weeks afterwards. I am also very pleased to say that even one of our most sceptical teachers, who happened to be on the mezzanine during some of the proceedings, was so impressed with the whole affair that he went out of his way to comment on your skills of pupil engagement, requesting that we all take whatever you do, to get the 100%.

"As the whole of your visit here was so professionally delivered and executed you have provided great assistance with our justification of the benefit of visiting authors."

- The King's School, Gloucester

"I just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed your visit. Not only that, by the end of the day just about every other teacher was asking for their classes to get a turn too - a rare achievement."

- Sedgmoor Manor Primary, Somerset

"Thank you so much for offering us the workshop with Kev, that just finished less than an hour ago. He was wonderful! Many of the pupils told me that this was the best day they'd ever had in school! I can't thank you enough and can't believe how lucky we were to get this opportunity."

- Gairloch Primary School, Highlands

"What a wonderful day on Monday, thank you very much. The children are still talking about it and drawing cartoons whenever possible!!! In fact we've decided to try and repeat the ideas again but at a slightly slower a speed. Many, many thanks for a true inspirational day."

- Broadchalke Primary, Wiltshire

"Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic day on Wednesday. The students (and teachers!) thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and everyone will treasure the experience for a long time. As one student said later "It was a once in a life-time opportunity Miss", though one student was concerned you ‚"were not right in the head ?!! "

- Wexford Vocational College, Co Wexford, Ireland

"On behalf of all the staff and pupils I'd like to thank you again for a great two days when you came to our school. It was brilliant.We all enjoyed it so much! The children and staff were all buzzing about the visits and we have had so many great comments from parents."

- Newton Poppleford Primary School, Devon

"I have just been collating all the feedback from the many workshops we ran and can tell you that parents thought your workshop was brilliant fun, entertaining, awesome, active, fast & furious, funny, engaging & enjoyable. One mum wrote "I wasn't really looking forward to the workshop as I'm not 'arty'. But we all thoroughly enjoyed it and loved coming home with our caricatures. He made us all feel confident in a task that we had no previous experience."

- Yeo Manor Parents & Pupil workshops, Somerset

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